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Get Rewarded for Talking!


Meet, The Referral Program!

So, What Is It?
Small businesses thrive on word of mouth and we have been fortunate to have so many of you,
our loyal customers, do that already! And as a way to express our appreciation we offer a referral program.

How It Works:
For every referral that books a complete session with us, you will recieve the
10% towards your next portrait session. The best part is there is no limit to how many clients
you can refer—you will get rewarded every single time! 

What You Get:
For every single referral that books and completes a session, you get 10% off of your next portrait session.
Let these build, and you can get up to 50% off of a single session. After you have put 50% towards
one session, you can begin to save up your referrals towards yet another session!

 What They Get:
The best part about the referral program is that EVERYONE gets rewarded. Not only do you recieve
a reward, but so do the people you refer! As a gift they will recieve 10% off of their session. 

Spread The Word:
You can spread the word however you like—invite friends to ‘like’ our Facebook page, share your
gallery with a friend, talk up Sarah Mesa Photography at your next play date. It is up to you! 

When You Are Rewarded:
Once your new referral books and completes a session with us, we will notify you of collecting
your reward. We will keep track of all the referrals you send to us. 

The Rules:
Your referral must purchase a session with us in order for you to recieve your reward.
If they book and then cancel, the credit no longer applies. Your discount can only be applied to full
portrait sessions (this excludes mini sessions and weddings); it can not be exchanged. 


The referral program is a great way to save on your next portrait session. Just tell your friends, family, co-workers, and when they book their session, you will both get a pretty awesome “thank you” gift!