Walker | Family Session


When a client books a session with me, I always send them a style guide to help them to understand how to pick a good location and even how to pick out the clothes for your session. Well.. the Walker family knocked it out of the park with both things!

I always suggest to my clients to think of a unique location that will mean something to them... something that, when they look back on these photos, will stand out and make the photos even more memorable. And so that is what the Walker family did! Brittany picked her parent's yard in Anchorage, and it was truly the best spot for them!

Photographing new clients is always fun! I love getting to know a new family, and it was no different with this family! From learning we know some of the same people, to having a similar humor. It was such a joy! Thank you Walker family for allowing me to capture your family in this season!