Marjorie Roberson | Freelance Writer


To start off, can we just take a minute to talk about how beautiful Marjorie's smile is?! When there is a joy that radiates out of someone through their smile, it makes my job so incredibly easy. And by no means was it only Marjorie's smile that made this session so easy, but it was also her easygoing personality, which lit up the room (something a sweet bystander also pointed out to us).

When Marjorie first mentioned having her headshots taken inside Quills Coffee Shop, I was instantly sold! My mind jumped to all the possibilities of including coffee, and reflections in the windows. Plus, it was a natural pick for this freelance writer who finds herself working there most days. 

Our session only lasted a short time, but I think I could have spent hours photographing this sweet girl! Be sure to reach out to Marjorie on her website for any freelance writing or editing needs you may have.