Nick + Jordyn | Louisville Waterfront Proposal


Words can not describe just how sweet Nick's proposal to Jordyn was, so it's a good thing we have photos to accompany my words. ;)

When Nick reached out last month wanting to get photos taken of him proposing to his beautiful girlfriend (his words) I knew right away this guy was absolutely smitten with his fiancée-to-be. Later he explained to me that he wanted to propose at the waterfront park in Louisville, a spot that they were able to spend a lot of time at during a 2 weeks period together in their relationship before being separated for their studies.

The morning of the proposal Nick met me at the waterfront park and we walked through the proposal. As we walked all across the park, Nick explained to me just how excited he was to be spending the rest of his life with Jordyn. They had first met when they both were in Jordyn's cousin's wedding — and I think it's pretty safe to say they were inseparable from that point on. Later Jordyn even followed Nick from Kentucky to Atlanta, GA where Nick got a job and Jordyn would later find a job as a 7th grade teacher.

Nick and I agreed that once I got to the spot (a bench far enough out of sight that Jordyn would not think anything suspicious) that I would text him to know things were all set (Nick had even thought ahead enough to name me "Jason" in his phone so that if Jordyn saw his phone she would not be suspect anything). So that evening once I got in position I sent my text to Nick. About 15 minutes later Nick responded that they were on their way. EK! 

A few minutes later Nick and Jordyn arrived at the spot. Nick agreed they would talk just for a few minutes facing the water so I could grab a few shots and so we could make sure there were no bystanders walking through the photos. Jordyn later said this was the ONLY moment she was suspicious because Nick just kept hugging her! haha! Once in place, Nick very stealthily switched sides so that he was on one knee in the spot that we agreed to. Once Nick was on one knee, everything was such a blur. Jordyn was SO excited, and to see her reaction was priceless. 

I approached the newly engaged couple and congratulated them and let Jordyn know it was now time to take engagement photos! It was so easy to work with these two. So much joy filled their faces that there was no need to even tell them how to pose or how to hold an expression. After a few minutes of taking photos, Nicks first surprise was awaiting Jordyn. Two of her closest friends, and also Nick and Jordyn's two sweet dogs. We took some photos with their little pups and moved on to the final surprise. 

As the sun started to set Nick sat Jordyn down on a bench. She saw Nick pulling out pens and paper, and string and asked "Are we going to do an arts and craft project?" but that of course was not the plan.  Jordyn had lost her mother a few years ago, and Nick wanted to take this moment to write letters to her. As Nick explained this, nobody had a dry eye (including me!). It was so sweet to see how thoughtful Nick was in this regard. A mother means so much to a little girl and an engagement is something that a daughter wants to share with her mother and Nick made this a reality for Jordyn. 

After the two wrote their letters, Nick wanted to also send off lanterns to Jordyn's mom as a way to honor her. We went down to the water and the two of them lit their lanterns and watched them float away. 

It was SUCH an honor to capture this proposal for Nick and Jordyn. They are seriously one of the sweetest couples I have met and it was such a joy to spend this evening with them. Congrautlations Nick and Jordyn!