Nichols | Spring Mini


There are two things I love about this session. First. the people and second, the location. The Nichols first came to me last fall after Laurie's sister-in-law purchased a gift certificate at Christmas for a one hour session (which, I may be biased.. but is a pretty awesome gift. Ladies, drop the hint to your husbands and have them email me to learn more). I was super thrilled when Laurie reached out again this Spring for more photos of her sweet family.

While I always provide a list of suggested locations, I love when my clients come up with their own unique location idea and that's exactly what Laurie did. She suggested Norton Commons. I was hesitant at first, the only time I had been there was for dentist appointments (Ha!) but when I went back and took a look around I was amazed and how beautiful the backdrop really was. Norton Commons is such a unique area, and reminds me so much of my hometown of Charleston, SC. There is a southern charm to the area that is undeniable.