Logan + Hannah | Wedding Day - Chapel Hill, TN

I'm so excited to finally share this wedding with you all! I've had the opportunity to shoot quite a few "backyard" weddings in the last year and they have quickly grown to be one of my favorite types of wedding - and Logan and Hannah's wedding was no exception! 

These two lovebirds got married in Logan's parent's backyard in Tennessee - which was absolutely stunning! There was just so much green, and beautiful light streaming in the whole day. Before the wedding they weren't sure where they wanted to hold the ceremony, but just a few days before the wedding Logan's family came up with the great idea of covering a fire pit they have in the backyard and having that be the focal point of the ceremony. It was perfect! And as Logan's mom so perfectly said, it looked like they were the topping of a wedding cake!

I cry during most ceremonies, but this one really tugged on my heart strings! Hannah's father both walked her down the aisle and then performed the ceremony. It was just so sweet to watch him show this overabundant love for his daughter, and then with that love welcome Logan into the family. 

As the ceremony concluded and the reception started, you could tell these two were just loved by everyone around! There were so many hugs, and kisses, and sweet moments exchanged as those around Logan and Hannah shared in their joy. After some amazing home cooked food, and plenty of dancing these two exited in one of my first bubble exits! I wasn't sure how it was going to work in the dark, but it was BEAUTIFUL - and probably one of my favorite exits! Finally, before Logan and Hannah actually made it to their getaway car there was one more surprise - a awesome firework show. It definitely allowed these two to leave with a bang. ;)

Thank you Logan and Hannah for allowing me to share in your big day!