Hatcher | Fall Mini 2016

It is always a joy to photograph the Hatchers! I first met Jaime and Jacob almost 2 years ago after Hank came home from the NICU and I got to take his "newborn" photos. Since then I've had the chance to photograph the amazing miracle that it is of Hank growing up and now his sweet baby brother, Chet! Jaime has quickly become a sweet friend of mine and so every time we get together for a session it feels more like friends getting to hang out - I love that! 

I also love how flexible these four are! When we first arrived at Blackacre we noticed the place was closed and after looking around a bit we realized that it was because there was a group of police officers there doing (what we suspect was) some training. Quickly we were able to find this amazing open field with hay bales that provided the perfect backdrop for their fall photos. I may (I definitely do) have gotten 39 bug bites, but it was totally worth it!