Ben + Hillary | Fort Myers, Florida Maternity Session


Friends! This is the blog post I have been dying to write, and am so excited it’s finally here!!

I have known Hillary for TEN years (and Ben for 9!). We met our freshmen year in college and never looked back. From baptisms, to mission trips over seas, to being roommates, moving miles and miles apart, being in each others weddings, and NOW welcoming little ones just two weeks apart from one another. It’s been such a grand adventure and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend to be going through it with.

Weeks before Hillary and Ben came to visit us for Easter I started getting the sneaking suspicion that she was expecting. Looking back, it’s funny, because when they first planned their trip they definitely did not know they were expecting—and neither did we! So when they finally arrived at our doorstep it probably only took about 10 minutes before they spilled the beans. But, playing it cool, I asked her how far along she was. She was only 6 weeks, and so I decided to drop our secret on her “That’s so fun! I’m 8 weeks…”

Screams all around.

I never anticipated getting to be pregnant at the same time as my best friend, but what a joy it has been! As soon as she told me, I knew I’d need to be there for her baby shower. How could I not?! So when the date was finally set, I (along with Hillary’s sweet friend Amanda) booked my flight without telling Hillary. It was Amanda’s genius idea for me to also take maternity photos while I was in town. This part was almost harder to keep a secret than my actual arrival! The number of times Hillary mentioned getting photos done to either me, her husband, or Amanda was countless and we ALL had to keep warding her off.

But finally, this past weekend came and I got to jump out at Hillary before her baby shower started and surprise her! And what a fun moment it was! I love surprises and so getting to surprise this dear friend, and then spend the morning celebrating her and her little boy was just over the moon wonderful!

I’m so thankful I got to take this trip, and got to photograph this most wonderful couple! Thank you Ben & Hillary for letting me document this sweet and wonderful time in your lives! I can’t wait to see you become parents and for our little boys to be the best of friends!