De Leo Family | Savannah Rapids Pavilion


In just a few short days we will have officially lived in Augusta for two months! Time has flown by, but at the same time, it feels as though we have lived here for so much longer!

When Trinity first reached out to me, I was honestly a little shocked that someone in Augusta had found me. Sadly I have still been getting request from Louisville that I have had to turn down, so I had to read over Trinity’s email a few times to make sure someone from Augusta really was requesting a session. But needless to say, I was pretty thrilled about the email. Trinity told me that they were wanting family photos of her and her husband with their son, but also with her in-laws who were in town from Italy. I loved the idea and obviously jumped on the opportunity to photograph this sweet family.

Now, in Georgia.. I am learning “fall” (there are quotations for a reason folks... like sweating in November when outside) doesn’t quite look the same as fall in Louisville. 82 degrees is not quite what I had anticipated but in all fairness we have had pretty nice weather up until that day! But what Georgia lacks in the area of temperature, she makes up for it with the crazy beautiful Spanish moss that hangs in the background.

But even better than the new scenery is getting to know new clients in a new city! It was so much fun working with Trinity, Gianluca and their sweet family. To see grandparents loving on their grandchild is one of the sweetest things to watch and to capture. Being close to grandparents was one of the reason we move to Augusta, so to capture that on my first session in Augusta was super meaningful.

Okay, enough talk! Scroll down to see some pretty precious photos from this session!