Baby James | Fresh 48


Baby James' Fresh 48 Session is sooo special to me! Nick and Hannah are sweet friends of ours, and it means so much that they wanted me to capture those first few hours of their new life as a family of three. It was so incredibly precious to watch them googly eyed over their sweet baby boy, and watch them instantly switch to "parent" mode. These two love each other so much, and to watch their love expand to include James is so wonderful to see. I loved seeing them in their new role as parents and I can't WAIT to continue to watch them grow in this way! 

Now, it has been a while since I've had the chance to do a Fresh 48 session, and so I am sure many of my followers don't even know what it is! A Fresh 48 session is for the families who want to capture some of the first memories of their little one while still in the hospital, but don't want cameras there for the actual birth. These are typically done from 24-48 hours  after birth (those first two days in the hospital), hence the name of the session. This is not like your normal newborn session, it's much more real and allows you to have those real moments  captured from the very beginning. If this is something that interest you, be sure to reach out to me (before the baby is due!) at