Arrington Family | Brick Pond Park


My goal as a photographer is not to simply take some pretty photos that will look great on your wall. Don’t get me wrong, we want beautiful photographs! But what I also want to capture are photographs that will transport you back into those moments so that you will remember the joy that filled your days. You might think you don’t want to remember all the stinky diapers and runny noses, but more often than not, what you will truly remember are those special moments. How sweet that dimple looked on your little one when they smiled, how each time they laughed it sounded like they were yelling, and how your child would stare at you with this fierce love for you. That is my goal - to take beautiful photographs that will transport you back to a time that will bring you joy and help you cherish the memories you now have encapsulated forever.

All that to say, when Allison came to me seeking a photo session that would help them to capture the faithfulness of the Lord in this season of life, I couldn’t help but jump on the opportunity. Allison came into her session knowing that this was a chance to take that faithfulness and goodness of the Lord and put it into a tangible object that she could look back on and cherish. So thank you Arrington family for letting me do that for you. I pray these photographs will always be looked back on with fondness and joy.