Anthony + Kailyn | Intimate Charleston Wedding


Happy Friday, friends! What better way to kick off the weekend than by Anthony and Kailyn’s beautiful, intimate Charleston wedding!

I am dear friends with Kailyn’s sister, so I had heard the whispers of a wedding happening maybe soon, maybe later, but probably sooner than later for the last few months. But it wasn’t until about 18 days before the wedding that the date was set and Kailyn was reaching out to see if I would be available to photograph her big day. It’s pretty hard to say no to a Charleston wedding, and an early Sunday morning wedding with a brunch reception sounded even more dreamy.

Anthony and Kailyn met working as cardiac intensive care nurses. It was soon after that Anthony attempted to spark conversation with Kailyn — not just once, but multiple times and kept getting turned down! After some time, Kailyn’s fellow nurses managed to get it out of her that Kailyn thought Anthony was pretty cute - and as all female friends, they did not let her live in down! It was pretty soon after that the two had their first date after a night shift. It was pretty soon after that the two realized that they couldn’t imagine life without the other.

Coming from Pennsylvania, the two decided to have an intimate destination wedding in Charleston, SC. The day could have not been sweeter! From being surrounded by family as the two got ready, to their first look at Washington Square Park, the ceremony at St. Luke’s Chapel, and ending with brunch at 5Church - the whole day was the perfect reflection of their love for one another and the love they have for their family.

Thank you Anthony and Kailyn for allowing me to capture this beautiful day! I hope that you two look back on these photos for decades to come and are struck with same joy that you felt on your wedding day.