3 Reasons You Should Invest in a Family Photo Session


Friends, the days are fleeting and our memories are fading. As much as we like to think we will remember every memory with our spouse or with our children—we wont. And as precious as every iPhone photo you have is, when was the last time you looked at them?

Or maybe you’re like me, and after you tuck your little one in bed you then spend 30 minutes on your phone scrolling through memory lane wondering how they possibly got so big—and then suddenly you’re struck with the question, “When was the last time I was in the photo with my kid?” The selfie with your little ones are cute, but is it the photo you want to hang on your wall or even pass down to your grandchildren? Probably not.

I want to share with you three reasons why you should invest in a family photo session and I hope you’ll leave with just a glimpse as to why you shouldn’t wait any longer!

1. To Enjoy the Here and Now

How often do we make excuses for the way we look? Maybe we think once we have lost the baby weight (or let’s be real, the “Freshman 15” we just never got rid of 10 years later) we can finally get in front of the camera—but until then let’s just take photos of the kids. Maybe you aren’t even worried how you look but you are worried that the kids are too young (or too old!) and won’t behave in front of the camera. Maybe you need your child to outgrow the awkward haircut you gave them.

Whatever the excuse remember it’s just that—an excuse! It’s an excuse to not capture the moment we are in right now. The beautiful chaos that it is.

Your little ones will be crazy. They will cry. They might give a fake smile—or maybe they will only give you that scolding face that they give the cashier at the store who is offering them stickers instead of a sucker. But here is a dose of the truth: THAT IS YOUR LIFE NOW. We need to bottle up these moments now, not the moments we hope to be our reality down the road.

Love this moment now so that later, when you forget that scold or that bad haircut, you can remember. A memory I promise you won’t look back on with frustration but with joy and maybe even a hint of longing.

Sarah Mesa Photography | Augusta, GA Family and Portrait Photographer

2. To Capture Moments To Relive

When we scheduled family photos for our new family of four, we had no idea we would be moving just a few short weeks later. As I was scheduling our session I was tempted to skip the “whole family” in the photo. Do you know why? Excuses!

“I won’t have time to lose the baby weight.”

“Our little girl still doesn’t do well with strangers.”

Excuse after excuse.

I reminded myself that those things didn’t matter, but capturing our here and now is what truly matters. And boy, am I happy that’s what we decided.

As I mentioned, that family session was the last one in Louisville, Kentucky, before moving to Augusta, Georgia, just a few weeks later. And can I tell you something? Those photos bring me tears every time. I don’t see the extra weight, or even our little girl’s lack of cooperation to smile. What I see is a beautiful season in one of the most amazing cities we lived in.

I see the joy only dada could bring our little girl. I see the way our little boy smiled at me. I see a memory that wasn’t just something I watched from the sideline, but a memory that I was involved with. A memory that I can’t wait to pass on to our little girl and tell her all the funny backstories that each photo contains. Memories that our kids will look at when we are long gone and will help them remember how we loved them.

3. To Provide an Heirloom to Pass Down

Not every photograph belongs on the wall—I know that’s a radical thought coming from a photographer!—but every (halfway decent to great) photo should be printed.

When I first got married my mom gave me a box of old photographs. My minimalist self questioned why I needed this many photographs. But as I sat down on the floor looking through each and every photograph I was flooded with many emotions—from being overwhelmed by seeing moments captured that I could not remember to a thankfulness that I could sneak a peak into someone’s life before I was ever a thought.

I love all of these photographs, but do you know which ones I cherish most? It’s the ones that show both me and my parents. I don’t have many of those. Collectively they probably would fit in a small envelope; but each one is more precious to me than I can say. Those are the photographs I look at and get to visually see just how much I was loved by my father who has since passed. Those are the photographs I get to look back on and see the tiredness, and yet overwhelming joy, in my mom’s eye as I was an infant. Those are my heirlooms. Those are the same photos that will be passed on to my own children along with their own photographs. And I hope that as they look back on those images gawking at how much they look like their grandmother or grandfather, that they will also be reminded of the love and joy that was our family.

Worth the Investment

Photography is an investment and a luxury—I don’t take that lightly. When photos can be taken from the comfort of your chair and with the ease of a push of your thumb, I know it can be hard to pay for something that doesn’t seem necessary. But the investment is worth the sacrifice. It’s worth it to have a way to capture our here and now, to have memories to look back on, and to have images to pass down for generations to come.

Our memories—oh how they are fleeting—they are worth the investment to remember.